Friday, June 18, 2004


More Disgruntled Prominent Americans

A bipartisan group of former senior U.S. diplomats and military commanders said Wednesday that President Bush needs to be defeated in November for pursuing an overbearing, insensitive and ideology-driven foreign policy that has cost America credibility around the world.

The 27-member group, Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change, didn't endorse Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, but members said the only way that U.S. policy is going to change is by removing Bush from the White House.

The group's statement read: ``From the outset, President George W. Bush adopted an overbearing approach to America's role in the world, relying upon military might and righteousness, insensitive to the concerns of traditional friends and allies, and disdainful of the United Nations. Instead of building upon America's great economic and moral strength to lead other nations in a coordinated campaign to address the causes of terrorism and to stifle its resources, the administration, motivated more by ideology than by reasoned analysis, struck out on its own.''

Members include:

Ret. Adm. William Crowe Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Reagan and ambassador to Great Britain under President Clinton;
Charles W. Freeman Jr., ambassador to Saudi Arabia under George H.W. Bush;
Arthur A. Hartman, ambassador to the Soviet Union under Reagan;
Ret. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph P. Hoar;
Jack F. Matlock Jr., ambassador to the Soviet Union under Reagan;
Ret. Air Force Gen. Merrill A. McPeak, former Air Force chief of staff under former President Bush, and
Ret. Adm. Stansfield Turner, head of the CIA under President Carter.

"for pursuing an overbearing, insensitive and ideology-driven foreign policy that has cost America credibility around the world"

Much unlike the last 40+ years of foreign policy? I won't vote for Bush, but at least we are pursuing democracy instead of proping up dictators and maintaining our "credibility around the world".
"A bipartisan group of former senior U.S. diplomats and military commanders" LOL What a bunch of idiots. Bipartisan my ass. This is nothing more than an election-year stunt to add to the tidal wave of hateful liberals who want Kerry in & President George W. Bush out. Just because they had well-connected jobs in the distant past, and a few of them worked for Republican administrations doesn't mean they are bipartisan.

Richard Clarke, anyone? That idiot was more responsible than even Clinton was for ignoring the terrorist threat prior to 9/11. He was not only the one who was supposed to coordinate action against terrorist threats, but he was the one who authorized Saudis leaving the country right after 9/11. Not that you hear that in the liberal mass media (NYT, LAT, CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, NPR, etc.). Richard Clarke got away with total flip-flops & outright lies because he's currently against the President (George W. Bush).

Now we get these idiot liberals who apparently think it's more important for the arrogant French to like us more than it is to be a sovereign nation and to look out for our national security.

Anyone who thinks that diplomats are a credible source of opinion about national security, other than Colin Powell (largely because he had an extremely successful military career prior to entering the blame-America-first confines of the State Department), are living in an alternate reality. The State Department is a major source of anti-American liberals who honestly seem to believe it is better to be liked than respected. Interesting how two former Ambassadors to the Soviet Union are on the list. Not surprising, but interesting.

And out of the thousands of taxpayer-funded jobs, whether military or state department, it isn't difficult to find 27 who hate President Bush, and are willing to engage in an election-year stunt like this.
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Ya Ali Madad
Merrill McPeak damn near destroyed the Air Force. Everyone in the Air Force hated him and his crazy, off the wall ideas for changing the Air Force. The next Chief of Staff undid most of what McPeak had tried to change. If McPeak is against Bush, then that's a good reason to support Bush.

John, Former Air Force officer
sadly I don't see what on earth the administration's overbearing policy has to do with richeousness or ideology, I think it was based strictly on avarice and greed.
Interestingly enough, I haven't seen any kind of statements by any foreign objective services verifying the legitamacy of the 2004 election and or stating that there was no kind of election fraud, have you?
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